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Note: after you have started playing the video, you can add subtitles by pressing the CC icon at the bottom right of the video. You can also get the subtitles in French or Spanish by pressing the gear icon.

Skills needed for effective remote self-managed learning

The Remote Learning portal of LALATAT contains exercises for students that teach them all the key ATL/21st C Skills needed for effective remote self-managed learning. These are the most essential skills for the post-pandemic learning environment. All skills exercises are available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Vietnamese with other languages being added soon.

    • Time and task management
    • Self-motivation, overcoming procrastination, generating urgency, persevering
    • Setting up their home study environment, concentrating, eliminating distractions
    • Creating and maintaining digital collaborations, forming study groups
    • Writing goals, setting goals and achieving goals
    • Self-assessment, learning from mistakes, failing well

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