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Lance G. King

Lance G. King is an internationally recognised author of six books on the skills of thinking and learning, the creator of the Art of Learning programme, and a specialist in the direct teaching of 21st Century Skills. Within the International Baccalaureate Organisation he designed and developed the Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework for both the MYP and DP programmes. The material from all of Lance’s books, plus many new exercises, make up this LALATAT platform.

Over the last few years Lance King has had a significant influence on the curriculum development of the IB’s programmes. First with the IBCC then most recently with the Middle Years Programme and now with the Diploma Programme. His ideas around the development of resilience and the use of learning-skills focused, guided inquiry learning in the classroom have been potentially transformative and have helped shape the direction of all of these programmes. By the time all his present work is released his ideas will be influencing the learning of up to 750,000 students in 3500 schools in 120 countries.

– Malcolm Nicolson, (former) Head of Diploma Programme Development, International Baccalaureate Organisation, IB Global Centre, The Hague. 

Bianca Duceppe

Bianca Duceppe is an internationally recognized consultant, workshop leader and she has been working in the field of education for over 25 years.

From 2012 to 2017, Bianca served as the IB Relationship Manager for the French IB schools worldwide. Her mandate was to provide service to 250 IB French institutions and ensure that the IB programmes were properly implemented in all these schools. Since 2017, Bianca has partnered with Lance King and has delivered his workshops in French and English to schools around the world.

She was the first one to create a workshop on ATL for the PYP programme. As an IBEN educator, she is renowned for her effective leadership, her deep experience in education and her knowledge of the IB programmes. Bianca has a son and lives in Waterloo (QC), Canada.

Eric Lauzon

Eric Lauzon is an internationally recognized technology leader and author from Canada.

From 2009 to 2013, Eric served as global Chief Information Officer for the IB leading a global team whose mandate was to ensure the strategic, effective and efficient use of technology to drive and support an anticipated 10,000 IB World Schools and 2.5 million students.

Since 2013, Eric has partnered with Lance King and has delivered his workshops in French and English to schools around the world. Widely lauded as an industry visionary for his thought leadership, Eric’s views are regularly sought after by global audiences. Eric co-authored Building a Green IT Team in the Inside the Minds series of books and was a contributor to the One Laptop Per Child programme at MIT. He holds four patents in Internet technologies. Eric has three grown-up children and lives in Waterloo (QC), Canada.

Rohan Jarvis

Rohan Jarvis is an international account manager who has been working in the education publishing and information technology industries for over 25 years.

With an extensive background in marketing and product management, Rohan specializes in building teams, developing products, and delivering solutions around Positive Education and ATL Skills for international schools, school groups, and school districts.

Rohan is married and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Bill Tinker

Bill is an Englishman educated and living in Australia. Having worked as a software developer for over 30 years, across a number of industries, he has designed and built general business applications for Windows desktops, Web applications and mobile devices. He has brought this experience to LALATAT to bring to reality Lance King’s vision of an online platform for students worldwide.

Prior to gaining technical I.T. experience and skills, Bill worked in a variety of non-IT occupations, which has given him empathy for the users. This enables him to span the gap between real-world tasks and the software designed to enable those tasks to be performed. Apart from leading the developer team on the software design, he is also “hands-on” with customer support to ensure that our software is functional and we are focused on the user’s needs.

Peter Bennett

Peter first started writing code, BASIC code, way back on an Atari 600XL and Microbee computer.  He never imagined that this could be a career so headed off to university to study Actuarial Science. He left University with a science degree majoring in statistics and started working.

While working and studying to become an Actuary, Peter rediscovered the programming world. He was lucky enough to step sideways and what followed was a wonderful journey involving VBA, FORTRAN, UNIX, VB6, .NET, Oracle, SQL Server, Objective-C, HTML/JavaScript/CSS as some highlights. Working in both business and development teams Peter is comfortable in crossing between the worlds of users and technology.


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You can contact educators who love using LALATAT and want to share their positive experience with you.

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A LALATAT Ambassador is an educator who has been using LALATAT for a certain period of time and wants to share their positive experience to other educators around the world. We are looking for passionate people who wants to be part of the great LALATAT family.

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