Resources for teachers


  • Chemicool
    Based around the periodic table, all elements well explained.
  • Science Toys
    Simple Science experiments that students can do at home.
  • Physics Central
    Excellent resources for teachers and students on all major physics topics.
  • Critical Thinking Web
    Huge resource base of lesson plans for teaching all aspects of critical thinking – available in English and Chinese.
  • Tim Cavey
    The primacy of thinking and learning skills over knowledge in a post-Covid19 world.
  • Climate change
    Free guide and resources for teaching about climate change.
  • Free online learning
    Huge database of links to free university level remote learning courses – many suitable for school.
  • Kate Pechacek
    Practical strategies for assessment in the remote classroom.
  • Andrew Miller
    More practical strategies for assessment in the remote classroom.
  • Laura Lee
    7 guiding principles to pass on to parents teaching at home.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
    Great idea, great site for teachers to buy and sell lessons, all levels, all subjects.
  • Maths Is Fun
    From fractions to calculus, good site for teaching maths.
  • Web English Teacher
    Teaching English, English Literature & ESL, a huge lesson plan resource base plus paid tutorial service.
  • Teaching English
    A good UK site for the teaching of English, lots of lesson planners, exercises etc.
  • Busy Teacher
    An English teaching site where teachers share their printable worksheets, lesson plans and lesson activities with colleagues for free, especially good for ESL.
  • ESL Cafe
    Dave Sperling’s site for ESL and EFL teachers and learners – particularly good for games to play.
  • Freeology
    Resources for teaching reading, grammar, numbers. These will suit Junior teachers mostly although has some great graphic organisers for higher level English.
  • BBC
    Learn most subjects through videos, activities and summary notes for most.
  • Khan Academy
    Great explanations of key ideas in most subjects using video clips.
  • Swipestudy
    Learn most subjects through flashcards sent to your phone.
  • Easynotecards
    Learn every subject through flashcards games and quizzes – crowd sourced.
  • S-Cool
    Learn every subject through videos, podcasts, written notes, games to play.
  • Get Revising
    Learn all subjects through audio, flashcards, powerpoints, quizzes, videos, animations, self tests and study guides – crowd sourced.
  • Studyblue
    Learn all subjects using summary notes, flashcards and games, online and on your phone – crowd sourced.
  • E-Notes
    Learn most subjects through study guides, resources, discussions and Q&A.
  • Quia
    Millions of self-test quizzes in over 300 subject categories – some free some subscription.
  • Memrise
    Learn all languages and most subjects through flashcards and memory improvement software – crowd-sourced resources – easy and fun.
  • Anki
    Learn all languages and most subjects through flashcards and memory improvement software – crowd-sourced resources – easy and fun.
  • Mnemosyne
    All languages, most subjects, learn through flashcards and memory improvement software – crowd-sourced resources – easy and fun.
  • Quizlet
    Learn all languages and most subjects through flashcards, games and memory improvement systems.
  • Cram
    All languages and all subjects, learn through flashcards and memory improvement systems – crowd sourced.
  • Brainscape
    Learn every possible subject through memory improvement software systems.
  • BYJU’s
    Subscription site – one of the best for every subject at every level.
  • Seneca
    Essential knowledge needed to pass exams in over 1000 KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level courses.
  • Brightstorm
    Videos explaining Maths, Science and (American) English with self tests and prep for SAT, ACT, PSAT & AP.
  • Free Exam Papers
    Past exam papers only for a huge range of school based and professional examinations.
    Covers: all possible subjects.
    Suits: GCSE, IGCSE, IB MYP & DP, GMAT, SAT etc.
  • Study It – New Zealand curriculum for NCEA
    All aspects of NCEA covered in all the key subjects – resources, standards, study guides, how to achieve each level.
    Covers: English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Earth Science.
    Suits: all New Zealand NCEA students L1, L2 & L3.
  • Academic Tips
    Memory techniques and study techniques for all subjects.
  • Callido
    Learn Critical Thinking, Research and Problem Solving skills.
  • Sparknotes
    Study guides, discussion forums, analysis of characters, themes and plots.
  • English Biz
    Essay writing, grammar, punctuation, analysis of stories, books, plays, poems, TV and films.
  • Future Learn
    Access to many English literature study courses – from 4 to 10 weeks for free.
  • The Literature Network
    Huge resource base of English Literature – books, short stories & poems with active forums and hundreds of self-tests.
  • John D Clare
    Modern world history 1900-2000, focused on WWI, WWII, Cold War, with mostly written notes, self tests, essays, some audio , some video, many links.
  • Schools History
    World wide history from the Romans to modern day, lots of interactives, videos and written text.
  • US History
    Collection of links to f the best US History sites.
  • Languages Online
    Most modern languages, lots of audio, some video, good interactive exercises.
  • Speak
    Most common European languages up to conversational level, contains written and audio material.
  • Loecsen
    Learn most modern languages through audio and video files, can hook up with own teacher.
  • Duolingo
    Learn all languages through games – easy and fun.
  • Rosetta Stone
    Learn all languages through connecting with people who already speak the language, join a community of language learners.
  • Busuu
    Learn languages through social media – connect with other learners and native speakers around the world.
  • VocApp
    Learn many languages using flashcards, games and memory improvement systems.
  • Readlang
    Learn languages through using translation software to enable you to read and learn any language.
  • Chineasy
    Learn Chinese characters easily.
  • Talk English
    Good spoken and written English language site, mostly free, some material for sale.
  • English Speak
    Learn English from the point of view of your own language, lots of audio, mostly free.
  • Study Spanish
    Lots of audio and free resources, also can link with tutor for fee.
  • Code Avengers
    Learn to code – essential skill for 21st C learners.
  • Code Academy
    Learn to write code, build websites, games, and apps.
  • Treehouse
    Learn to code – essential skill for 21st C learners.
  • Code School
    Learn to code – essential skill for 21st C learners.
  • ChemGuide
    All aspects of the Chemistry syllabus covered – comprehensive text and pictures in all Chemistry topics.
  • Learn Biology Online
    “The world’s most comprehensive database of Biology terms and topics” – huge resource base for learning Biology.
  • Nova
    Great videos on all aspects of all Sciences.
  • Scitable
    All Sciences – resources for senior students, many relevant topics.
  • Physics Central
    Brilliant site bringing Physics alive – all major physics topics well explained and demonstrated.
  • How Stuff Works
    Excellent up to date knowledge base – good resources in every Science subject with relevant examples from today.
  • Freeology
    Printable graphic organisers for writing any kind of essay, story, report, poem.

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